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1. What resources are available to help me with reductions in force?

2. A large percentage of our organization's workforce is due to retire over the next five years. How can we address this situation?

3. We are having a tough time filling open positions for engineers, and can't match consultant salaries. How can we find and attract good engineers?

4. There is a large gap in experience between our senior managers and engineers and the next tier of staff. How do we fill that gap before the senior folks all retire?

5. Our turnover rates are increasing, especially in our urban districts. How can we deal with this?

6. We have a key career manager planning to retire in two years. How can we make sure there is a smooth transition to a new person?

7. We are about to go through downsizing of our field units. How do we make this transition as smooth as possible?

8. We have several "problem" managers who need to build their supervisory skills. What resources are available for us to draw upon?

9. After many years of stability, we have undergone several reorganizations in the past two years. Morale is low and there is confusion about roles and responsibilities. How do we get on a better track?

10. Our mission has shifted and we are relying more on outsourced services. Our staff capabilities do not match our needs for good collaboration, oversight and negotiation skills. What is the most efficient way to address this mismatch?

11. We need to improve our ability to measure the performance of our HR function and benchmark it against other agencies. What resources are there to help us get started?

12. We need to replace our ancient HRIS. How can we learn about new products and their capabilities? How do we have influence when a statewide decision is being made by the state HR group? How do we implement a new HRIS and still have access to legacy data?

13. Our HR function does not currently play any significant role in strategic planning for our agency, yet everyone realizes how important workforce issues are to our ability to achieve our mission. Are there examples of agencies that perform good strategic HR planning?