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Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function- Understand issues and trends

This section addresses issues and trends associated with improving efficiency and effectiveness within human resources, including challenges and successes in peer organizations.

TitleShort Description
Analysis and Benchmarking of State DOT Human Resource Activities (in process)This benchmarking study identifies gaps and best practices of state Department of Transportation human resources (HR) activities. It includes an online survey and in depth interviews on this topic. The study also reports on states' experiences with outsourcing HR functions and the relationship of HR system functionality to meeting strategic human resources and workforce goals.
Cisco Connects with its Workforce: Benefits of Employee "Self Service" and Online HRThis resource outlines ideas for facilitating communication between employees and human resources.
Coming of Age in HRAnthropologist Jennifer James is interviewed about changes in human resources management.
Competency Model for Human Resources ProfessionalsThis report provides a strategy for public sector human resource professionals to transform the human resources (HR) function to meet changing organizational requirements and expectations. It also provides users with an implementation strategy and marketing approach for integrating HR values into the organization's culture and goals.
Establishing Value for HR TechnologyThis report presents the results of a survey of large global corporations examining the impact of human resource technology initiatives on corporate business strategies.
Fox Lawson & Associates LLC: Compensation and Human Resources SpecialistsThis organization provides compensation and human resources consulting services. Their website has useful links to compensation-related information.
Future of HR TechnologyThis article is an overview of trends in human resource (HR) information technology and the need for HR professionals to have a much greater strategic command of HR technology issues, costs, features and benefits.
Guide for Effective Strategic Management of Human ResourcesThis report makes the case for why organizations need to strategically manage human resources and provides a practical guide for merging strategic planning and human resource management.
HR Technology Competencies: New Roles for HR ProfessionalsThis report examines how the use of human resource (HR) technology is evolving in organizations and transforming HR.
HR Technology That Focuses on People - Technology Trends 2002This resource describes how advances in technology are changing the HR function.
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