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Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function - Learn about peer agencies

This section covers successful practices and lessons learned from peer agencies that have undergone initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their human resource function. Peer agencies include state DOTs, public and private sector transportation agencies, and other public and private organizations.

TitleShort Description
Analysis and Benchmarking of State DOT Human Resource Activities (in process)This benchmarking study identifies gaps and best practices of state Department of Transportation human resources (HR) activities. It includes an online survey and in depth interviews on this topic. The study also reports on states' experiences with outsourcing HR functions and the relationship of HR system functionality to meeting strategic human resources and workforce goals.
Ciber Workforce InformerCiber is a private technology consulting company offering services in areas of data management, data architecture, and web-based information delivery. They offer custom application development for workforce needs, as well as standard tools to manage workforce data.
Competency Model for Human Resources ProfessionalsThis report provides a strategy for public sector human resource professionals to transform the human resources (HR) function to meet changing organizational requirements and expectations. It also provides users with an implementation strategy and marketing approach for integrating HR values into the organization's culture and goals.
Establishing Value for HR TechnologyThis report presents the results of a survey of large global corporations examining the impact of human resource technology initiatives on corporate business strategies.
Fox Lawson & Associates LLC: Compensation and Human Resources SpecialistsThis organization provides compensation and human resources consulting services. Their website has useful links to compensation-related information.
Guide for Effective Strategic Management of Human ResourcesThis report makes the case for why organizations need to strategically manage human resources and provides a practical guide for merging strategic planning and human resource management.
International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)Founded in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is the leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. ISPI's mission is to develop and recognize the proficiency of its members in more than 40 countries throughout the world and advocate the use of human performance technology. ISPI's annual conference and exposition, additional educational events, publishing of books and periodicals, and support of research are some of the ways ISPI works toward achieving its mission.
NCDOT Human Resources Manuals and PoliciesThis resource offers a web page linking to the North Carolina Department of Transportation's (NCDOT) human resources manuals and policies. Especially helpful is the NCDOT's Human Resources Manual.
Sample Human Resources Policies, Checklists, Forms and ProceduresThis resource offers links to sample policies, checklists, procedures, forms, and examples of human resources and business tools.
Virginia Department of Transportation’s Blue Print for the FutureVirginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Blueprint for the Future is the agency’s response to a $4.6 billion shortfall in transportation funds. The Blueprint is a six-year plan that addresses reductions and re-alignments in organization/staffing and services/programs. The Blueprint will lead to a business that is smaller, providing its services differently and proportioned differently, and that utilizes partnerships and does not replicate every function and service throughout the organization. This link connects to the Blueprint Comprehensive Plan Quarterly Report, dated September 2009.
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