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Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function - Assess our situation

This section covers readiness assessment tools and methodologies available to human resources professionals in transportation who plan to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their department.

TitleShort Description
Establishing Value for HR TechnologyThis report presents the results of a survey of large global corporations examining the impact of human resource technology initiatives on corporate business strategies.
Fox Lawson & Associates LLC: Compensation and Human Resources SpecialistsThis organization provides compensation and human resources consulting services. Their website has useful links to compensation-related information.
Guide for Effective Strategic Management of Human ResourcesThis report makes the case for why organizations need to strategically manage human resources and provides a practical guide for merging strategic planning and human resource management.
International Public Management Association for Human Resources(IPMA-HR) Job Analysis ServiceIPMA-HR is an organization that represents the interests of human resource professionals at the Federal, State and Local levels of government. The company's goal is to provide information and assistance to help HR professionals increase their job performance and overall agency function by providing cost-effective products, services and educational opportunities.
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