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Strategic workforce planning - Understand issues and trends

This section addresses the issues and trends associated with strategic workforce planning which include, how, when and why successful public and private organizations invest in strategic workforce planning and what results they have achieved for the investment made.

TitleShort Description
AccentureAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. The website provides a large amount of research and analysis of workforce needs development issues, including studies to compile workforce data spanning several years.
ACTACT is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides assessment, research, information, and program management services in workforce development. The website provides access to a number of Workforce Tools for Success, ranging from consulting services to tools for skills assessment.
BearingPointBearingPoint is a global management and technology consulting company that provides strategic consulting, applications services, technology solutions, and service management to agencies. The website is a source for several articles and case studies for dealing with workforce issues.
Campbell Leadership IndexCampbell Leadership Index (CLI) Provides feedback to an individual about personal characteristics that are directly related to the nature and demands of leadership. The survey quantifies the perceptions of the individual leader and selected observers, such as direct reports, peers and managers.
Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), formerly the Human Resources Institute (HRI), is a consortium of several hundred private sector firms that pool their resources to conduct research on human resources issues that are expected to confront organizations several years into the future. It is a useful resource for identifying future issues of concern to organizations.
Managing Change in State Departments of Transportation: Innovations in Workforce Strategies (Scan 5 of 8)Workforce and organizational issues are a major focus in many state Departments of Transportation (DOT) today. A National Cooperative Highway Research Program project was undertaken to collate the innovative workforce strategies in place at various state DOTs. The link is an online compilation of the links, research, and interview material collected while creating the report.
North Carolina DOT Workforce Planning CourseThe goal of the North Carolina Department of Transportation's class on Workforce Planning is to provide managers and supervisors with a general knowledge and understanding of workforce planning, and outline critical steps and important strategies in workforce planning.
Seven Steps of Effective Workforce PlanningThis report introduces the Seven-Step Workforce Planning Model, a framework for understanding the basic elements of workforce planning. The report walks the reader through the steps involved in workforce planning by analyzing the cases of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Maryland State Highway Administration. It acts as a guide to defining the organization's strategic direction by identifying current and future workforce needs, determining gaps, implementing strategies to close these gaps, and monitoring, evaluating, and revising the gap-closing strategies.
South Carolina Budget and Control Board, Office of Human ResourcesThe South Carolina Budget and Control Board's Office of Human Resources provides information on workforce planning and the resources available. It is also an online guide to employee training and development opportunities, and state career opportunities.
State of California Information Technology Workforce Improvement ProgramA high-quality information technology (IT) program can be sustained only if it is supported and managed by a high-quality IT workforce. The state of California Information Technology Workforce Improvement Program and Initiative are working to achieve a high-quality IT workforce through efforts to improve and update the state's hiring process for IT professionals, develop its IT leaders and managers, and ensure that compensation is competitive.
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