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Strategic workforce planning - Learn about peer agencies

This section addresses what can be learned from the strategic workforce planning experiences and successful practices of peer agencies which include other state DOTs, public and private sector transportation agencies, and other public and private organizations that have successful practices of value to transportation organizations.

TitleShort Description
AccentureAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. The website provides a large amount of research and analysis of workforce needs development issues, including studies to compile workforce data spanning several years.
ACTACT is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides assessment, research, information, and program management services in workforce development. The website provides access to a number of Workforce Tools for Success, ranging from consulting services to tools for skills assessment.
Analysis and Benchmarking of State DOT Recruitment and Hiring PracticesThis study presents the analysis and synthesis of successful practices in recruiting and hiring among public and private sector transportation and other related industry organizations. The goal of the study is to supply state Department of Transportation human resource professionals with working tools to enhance the effectiveness of current efforts to attract and hire the best qualified entry and mid-career level employees.
Background and History of the Capital Projects Skill Development ProgramThe California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has begun a three-year skill development plan for its ~10,900 Capital Project employees. It used a four-phase process to develop the plan: (1) Need Identification, (2) Need Quantification, (3) Plan to Meet Needs, and (4) Implementation Plan.
BearingPointBearingPoint is a global management and technology consulting company that provides strategic consulting, applications services, technology solutions, and service management to agencies. The website is a source for several articles and case studies for dealing with workforce issues.
California Workforce Investment BoardThe California Workforce Investment Board assists the governor in setting and guiding policy in the area of workforce development. The board meets regularly to address issues defined in its strategic plan, and is a good resource for workforce articles, practices, and latest news.
Identification of the Critical Workforce Development Issues in the Transit IndustryThis digest summarizes workforce challenges facing the public transportation industry, approaches to address these challenges, and an agenda that the public transportation industry can use to move forward in workforce development.
Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), formerly the Human Resources Institute (HRI), is a consortium of several hundred private sector firms that pool their resources to conduct research on human resources issues that are expected to confront organizations several years into the future. It is a useful resource for identifying future issues of concern to organizations.
Managing Change in State Departments of Transportation: Innovations in Workforce Strategies (Scan 5 of 8)Workforce and organizational issues are a major focus in many state Departments of Transportation (DOT) today. A National Cooperative Highway Research Program project was undertaken to collate the innovative workforce strategies in place at various state DOTs. The link is an online compilation of the links, research, and interview material collected while creating the report.
Managing the Mature WorkforceThis report provides strategies for addressing needs associated with an aging workforce.
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