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Attracting and retaining talent - Assess our situation

This section addresses tools and methods for analyzing your current ability to attract and retain talent and your most successful and least successful policies, programs and tools for doing so.

TitleShort Description
Competency-Based Human Resource ManagementCompetencies are characteristics individuals have and use to achieve desired performance. This book includes competency-based approaches to recruitment and selection, training, and performance management.
DeloitteDeloitte is a private consulting company offering a vast amount of research, case studies, and articles on workforce issues, in addition to providing consulting services. Deloitte's published data covers a range of workforce issues from dealing with the retiring workforce to strategies for recruitment and retention.
ERI System: Job Candidate Work Behavior Skills AssessmentThe ERI System scores a job candidate in seven work behavior skills areas and predicts the likelihood of reliable and productive work behavior.
Monitoring the Pulse of Employees, Pennsylvania DOT Employee RetentionThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation uses ongoing internal surveys to monitor and improve their workforce condition, satisfaction, and engagement. Surveys were initiated in 1992. Since then, survey tools and utility have grown significantly.
Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital ManagementOracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are designed to address complex business requirements by organizing data and providing data analysis tools. The PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Warehouse organizes data into data-marts which may be used individually to focus on specific issues, or in an integrated environment for overall workforce analysis.
Organizational Climate ExerciseA tool to help organizations and teams to assess their working environment.
Pre-Employment and New Employee Testing and AssessmentA guide on using tests to assess the competency and skills of existing or potential employees.
Seven Steps of Effective Workforce PlanningThis report introduces the Seven-Step Workforce Planning Model, a framework for understanding the basic elements of workforce planning. The report walks the reader through the steps involved in workforce planning by analyzing the cases of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Maryland State Highway Administration. It acts as a guide to defining the organization's strategic direction by identifying current and future workforce needs, determining gaps, implementing strategies to close these gaps, and monitoring, evaluating, and revising the gap-closing strategies.
What Things Cost: Retaining vs. RecruitingThis one page article is for human resource leaders and senior managers considering when it is necessary to focus resources on either recruitment or retention.
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