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Retooling the workforce to meet evolving business needs- Understand issues and trends

This section addresses the issues and trends associated with retooling the workforce to meet evolving business needs which include the most frequent reasons why state DOTs and other transportation agencies must retool their workforces, the latest thinking in how to spot these trends early on, and how linking workforce analysis and planning to the organization’s strategic or business plan, has improved the ability to predict evolving programmatic needs and trends.

TitleShort Description
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)The American Society for Training and Development is the most prominent of the professional organizations for continuous learning information. It is also a source of information about on-line or e-learning.
Analysis and Benchmarking of State DOT Human Resource Activities (in process)This benchmarking study identifies gaps and best practices of state Department of Transportation human resources (HR) activities. It includes an online survey and in depth interviews on this topic. The study also reports on states' experiences with outsourcing HR functions and the relationship of HR system functionality to meeting strategic human resources and workforce goals.
Competency-Based Human Resource ManagementCompetencies are characteristics individuals have and use to achieve desired performance. This book includes competency-based approaches to recruitment and selection, training, and performance management.
Developing Tomorrow's Transportation WorkforceThis article discusses what challenges policy-makers and program managers face in ensuring that the current and future transportation workforce has the skills and knowledge it needs to be effective, and how to handle these challenges.
Evaluating and Measuring the Effectiveness of TrainingThis report offers basic information on evaluating training needs and results, including examples of current practice in several transportation agencies.
Filling the Pipeline: A milestone agreement for an urgent industry-wide partnership to attract and retain transportation workersAn agreement emerged from the National Workforce Summit in May 2002, where all present transportation leaders signed 'A Partnership for Educating, Training, and Developing the Nation's Transportation Workforce'. The meeting's agenda was designed for sharing ideas and insights into the state of the transportation industry's workforce.
Mississippi State Personnel Board Quality Workforce InitiativeThe Mississippi State Personnel Board's mission is to ensure a quality workforce. In order to facilitate this mission, the board launched the Quality Workforce Initiative which created a series of tools and a survey of workforce issues faced today. These include a behavioral interview guide, a definition of core and management competencies, and performance appraisal forms, all of which are linked from their website. The website also provides information regarding several other useful workforce tools.
NHI Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TCCC)Rebuilding the highway construction task force is an industry priority as agencies across the country face a serious shortage of trained and experienced personnel, resulting from attrition and an aging workforce. At the same time, cutting-edge construction and system preservation technologies demand new skills and knowledgeable construction personnel. Consequently, efforts to train and certify highway construction personnel have intensified in recent years. The Federal Highway Administration has taken a pro-active role in this effort. In order to streamline the process and avoid duplication of efforts, the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council was formed in September of 2000.
Oregon Department of Transportation Workforce Development PlanThe Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) produced a Workforce Development Plan. ODOT's mission of finding, training, and employing a diverse, skilled workforce that is prepared to meet upcoming construction demands was their goal in creating the landmark Workforce Development Program. Links are provided to a draft plan and other useful resources.
Potato Chips & Human Resources Tips: Shearer's Foods Inc., Winner of theTraining & Development Award, Proves Innovative Hiring HelpsYou've hired the best people - now what? Any successful company can tell you that the hiring is just the start, albeit a very good one. Once the best people have joined your team, the challenge is to help them, and your organization, get better and better. That's why training and development have to be an element of any truly successful company. The article shows how innovative companies hire, train, and develop employees.
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