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Preserving institutional knowledge - Learn about peer agencies

This section addresses what can be learned about preserving institutional relationships from the experiences and successful practices of peer agencies which include other state DOTs, public and private sector transportation agencies, and other public and private organizations that have successful practices of value to transportation organizations.

TitleShort Description
Expert ExodusThis article addresses how the development of a knowledge management system can be used to retain and apply critical knowledge as large numbers of experienced Department of Transportation employees retire.
Knowledge Management (KM) Supportive Human Resource EnvironmentThis knowledge management (KM) study has two objectives. One is to identify the differences between how the perceived importance of KM (from organizations without KM) and the actual importance of KM (from organizations with KM) contribute to successful KM implementation. The other is to develop and empirically examine the knowledge management supportive human resources factors affecting the success of KM.
Managing the Mature WorkforceThis report provides strategies for addressing needs associated with an aging workforce.
Montana Department of Transportation Career DevelopmentThe Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) encourages employees to identify strengths and the areas where they would like training or mentoring. Employees have the opportunity to create their own career plan and are given the training, tools, and encouragement they need to realize their goals.
Oregon DOT Workforce Development PlanIn 2005, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) undertook a development plan aimed at addressing the projected shortage of qualified workers needed for the state’s construction, maintenance, and repair projects. This plan outlines how the agency approached developing and expanding its workforce, including working with state, regional, and local community partners to increase apprentice participation and increase opportunities for women and minority individuals and companies.
Preserving and Using Institutional Memory Through Knowledge Management PracticesThis report documents use of knowledge management practices by U.S. and Canadian transportation agencies to preserve and utilize institutional memory.
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