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TitleManaging Change in State Departments of Transportation: Innovations in Workforce Strategies (Scan 5 of 8)
ShortDescriptionWorkforce and organizational issues are a major focus in many state Departments of Transportation (DOT) today. A National Cooperative Highway Research Program project was undertaken to collate the innovative workforce strategies in place at various state DOTs. The link is an online compilation of the links, research, and interview material collected while creating the report.
LongDescriptionState Departments of Transportation (DOT) are operating in an environment of unprecedented change. Changing demands related to transportation services, new technologies, workforce composition, stakeholders' concerns, and a constantly changing political environment create both future uncertainty and a need for institutional change. In response to these challenges, state DOTs are undertaking a range of initiatives such as strategic planning, restructuring, performance, measurement, process engineering, and outsourcing. A two-day workshop in Minneapolis from June 25-27, 2000, responded to a strong interest in having peer-to-peer discussions among CEOs and senior staff of the state DOTs about their experiences in managing internal and external change. Sessions were organized around strategic planning-driven initiatives, workforce and reorganization-driven initiatives, and process and program delivery-driven initiatives. Workshop participants used the output of these discussions to identify research that would help state DOTs lead and manage their changing organizations. This National Cooperative Highway Research Program report summarizes the information gleaned from this workshop, and from the subsequent survey of innovative practices at state DOTs. In addition, the link below summarizes findings by state, initial contact, activity/program, responding contact, and responding contact status.
SourceAuthorOffice of Professional Development, Federal Highway Administration
Reference2000: NCHRP Project 20-24 (14),
OrganizationNational Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)
ContactPhone(703) 235-0500
Other with links to case studies, best practices, domestic and European scan, organization contacts and university and other professional transportation education programs, State Dot Workforce/Reorganization Efforts and to Special Report 275.

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