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TitleState of California Information Technology Workforce Improvement Program
ShortDescriptionA high-quality information technology (IT) program can be sustained only if it is supported and managed by a high-quality IT workforce. The state of California Information Technology Workforce Improvement Program and Initiative are working to achieve a high-quality IT workforce through efforts to improve and update the state's hiring process for IT professionals, develop its IT leaders and managers, and ensure that compensation is competitive.
LongDescriptionThe state of California Workforce Improvement Program is supported by: The Information Technology (IT) Human Resources (HR) Project, Professional Development, Succession Planning, and The IT Council HR Committee. IT HR publications linking to any of these sections provides a vast range of resources related to workforce development and also provides an example for setting a workforce improvement program. Useful tools include: IT Succession Management Planning Toolkit, IT Skills-Based Certification Process, IT Skills Survey and Gaps Report, and IT Personnel Professional Development Manual. The objectives of the IT Council's IT Human Resources Committee include: providing oversight and leadership in succession and workforce planning for technology professionals, modernizing the information technology classification plan and selection system, expanding recruitment efforts for technology professionals, and providing professional development for technology professionals.
OrganizationState of California

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