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TitleNCDOT Human Resources Manuals and Policies
ShortDescriptionThis resource offers a web page linking to the North Carolina Department of Transportation's (NCDOT) human resources manuals and policies. Especially helpful is the NCDOT's Human Resources Manual.
LongDescriptionThis resource offers a web page linking to the North Carolina Department of Transportation's (NCDOT) human resources manuals and policies including links to: Careerbanding, SBP, CBP Procedure Manual, 2003 Compensation Bonus, NCDOT Employee Orientation, NCDOT Human Resources Manual, NCDOT Grievance Policies, Family & Medical Leave Act Policy & Procedures, State Personnel Manual, State Telephone Network and Wireless Phone Policy and Procedures, Employee Bonus Leave Guidelines, Cost of Living Increase, Revised Salary Rates for 2005, NCDOT Travel Policy and Procedures, Reasonable Accommodation Policy. Especially helpful is the Human Resources Manual with links to: Academic Assistance Policy, Advancement of Sick Leave and/or Vacation Leave, Adverse Weather, Appointment Types, Breaks, Candidate for Elective Office, Career Status, Civil Leave, Community Service Leave, Compensatory Leave Policy for Exempt Classifications, Compensatory Time Off, Computer & Data Security Policy, Death Benefits, Debt of Employees to Other State Government Agencies, Demotion and Reassignment, Disciplinary Action Policy and Procedure, Dual Employment, Emergency Call Back Pay, Employee Assistance Program Policy, Employee Grievance Procedures- Employee Relations Committee (ERC) Hearings, Employees Serving on Boards or Committees, Employment of Relatives, Employment References Requests, EEO Policy Statement, Ethics Policy, Exception to Wage & Hour Policy, Excess Vacation Leave Converted to Sick Leave, Exit Interview Policy, Extended Illness without Pay, Short & Long Term Disability, Family Illness Leave, Family & Medical Leave Act Policy & Procedures, Holidays, Holiday Premium Pay, Human Reliability Program, Controlled Substances Abuse and Alcohol Misuse Standard Policy and Procedures, In-Range Salary Adjustment - Policy and Procedures, In-Range Retention, Internet and E-mail Policy and Procedures, Job Interviews, Job-Related Conferences, Leave Anniversary Pay Periods Procedure, Leave Earned, Longevity, Maximum Age, Merit-Based Hiring Policy, Military Leave, Minimum Age, Parental Leave, Performance Management Policy, Posting Policy and Procedure, Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, Probationary Period, Promotion, Reallocation, Reduction in Force, Re-employment After Retirement, Registration Exams, Reinstatement, Retirement Procedures, Salary Calculation for New Hires, Salary Calculation for Promotion to Different Class Series, Salary Range Revision, Secondary Employment, Shift Premium Pay, Shift Premium Pay Policy Exception, Sick Leave, Smoking Policy, Special Minimum Rate, State Employees' Association Convention & Committee Meetings, State Equiptment & State Property Use, Temporary Employees, Total State Service, Transfer, Vacation Leave, Veteran & Veteran's Preference Definition, Violence in the Workplace Policy Statement, Voluntary Shared Leave Policy, Wage & Hour Policy, Work Schedules and Alternative Work Schedule Policy and Procedures, Workplace Harassment Policy Statement, Workplace Harassment Prevention Plan.
SourceAuthorNorth Carolina DOT, Human Resources
OrganizationNorth Carolina DOT, Human Resources
ContactAddressAlicia Simmons
ContactPhone(919) 733-2984, ext 223

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